Sometimes life is like being in the stands at a football game, you see the whole field, you can see the mistake before the player makes it. And no matter how loud you yell to them...they can’t hear you. So you just sit back and watch it unfold, as you laugh to yourself. One Man’s Stand is like sitting in the stands with a bunch of friends as you all laugh out loud at the idiots (our society) on the field!


Using a mix of comedy,theater and interactivity to help us look at the world around us, this show was created and written by the idiots on the field! His social commentary chronicles his observations of our social norms and how they make us what we are. One Man’s Stand will lead you to confirm some beliefs as well as challenge the status quo,in a way that will leave you laughing as well as thinking long after the show is over.

   His unapologetically opinionated style of comedy mixed with a heavy dose of old school common sense is what makes this comedy show really hit home, which really comes out in the Q&A portion making each show decidedly unique and FUNNY AS HELL! This,is ONE MAN’S STAND!