One Man's Stand is an exciting way to raise money for your group or cause. We provide everything you will need for a successful and profitable event. We have done everything from raising money for a softball team to helping people pay for medical bills to PTA events. It really doesn't matter, if it's important to you, it's important to us.

Quick, simple and secure online ticket sales. No late night cash for ticket exchanges in your favorite coffee shop parking lot.

In addition to tickets sales and event sponsorship's, online giving is a major contributor to raising money for your cause. 

As the event coordinator, you can log into our transparent accounting system to see real-time bookkeeping of your fundraising activity.

So How Does it Work?

  • 75 minute stand up comedy show

  • Electronic file of flyer

  • Facebook Invite Page

  • Sound,  lights, and entertainment

  • I will emcee raffles and silent/live auctions

  • Raffle and 50/50 tickets provided

  • PG, PG-13 and 18+ Rated Shows Available

  • Easy online Ticketing, Accepting Donations and Sponsorships

  • Assemble your event team!
    You can't do this yourself. Gather at least 4-5 dedicated and passionate event team members.

  • Find a Venue!
    First try to find a donated place.

  • Get 3 available dates and put them in order of preference.
    We will do our best to accommodate your first choice.

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